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26th Jun 2018

Barr Baleares joins the party: with the support of Mallorca's design

This month saw the architectural, design and real-estate community of Mallorca raise a glass to toast this special island. Barr Baleares has very much enjoyed becoming part of this world, by doing just what the Barr Group does in the UK - offering design-led manufacture and build services, to the very highest standards.

A launch evening of drinks on the terrace, at ‘La Bellesa’, brought together a fabulous gathering of faces from the Mallorcan design and property world – all of whom have at least two things in common – a passion for the island and a love of stunning architectural design. 

With so much to learn from each and every one of them, Barr Baleares are ready to give something back and are hoping that a love of all things ‘Mallorquin’ is a good place to start. The team are already building and manufacturing in sympathy with the local style, using local specialist trades and traditional techniques to translate original designs into reality.

Barr Baleares is run by Stuart Barr alongside co-director James Armstrong. The pair go back a long way; with shared childhoods, similar interests, practical minds and more than a dash of ‘detail obsession’. Some years ago, Stuart followed James to Oxford’s Rycotewood College, where precision cabinetry shaped both of their worlds. From there, James set up a construction and property development business in South Devon and Stuart founded and developed StuartBarr CDR, BarrJoinery and BarrKitchens in Oxfordshire. James is now based full time in Mallorca, with Stuart splitting his time between there and the UK, bringing Barr Baleares into the already established fold of the Barr Group companies.

As ‘man on the ground’ James is busy operating multiple sites, alongside the safe hands of planning and site manager Pedro Bedran, with the skilled, experienced Barr Baleares site teams. Whether it be the make-over of an external terrace and pool area, a complete high-end new build or a commercial renovation, the team are finding unique and challenging projects on the island which are keeping them busy, engaged and out of mischief!

Stuart and James are keen to take on new commissions for which the client demands a high level of attention to detail and a perfect finish. A shared vision between client, designer or architect and builder is absolutely essential to the success of each and every project. Whether it be architect, interior designer or client led, the common thread running through each Barr Baleares project is an individual design-led feel.

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