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17th Oct 2018

Barr Design establish their own take on the ‘Mallorca look’…and feel!

Busy across the island, with current projects in Palma, Deia and Polensa, Barr Design are working for both native and expat clients alike. Taking inspiration from many aspects of the island, the team have expanded on the Barr Design look, experimenting with the natural colours and textures synonymous with the island’s laid-back style.

The result is the fusion of a traditional Mallorcan look, sharpened up with the distinctive but understated Barr Design trademark style. Interiors emulate the stunning but often rugged Mallorcan landscape undeniably beautiful and harsh in equal measure. Soft linen meets rough jute, smooth natural plaster meets jagged stone and unfinished concrete. Through every scheme the Barr Design style, like the island, remains relaxed in character and calming to the senses.

Rachele Bowley, creative lead for the Barr Group and Senior Interior Designer at Barr Design, makes frequent trips to the island. Client meetings and sourcing trips never fail to produce fresh design inspiration - as well as boxes of samples! The Barr Design team, Rachele, Kirstie and Suzanna, work together to weave the inimitable Barr Design style into commercial and residential projects alike.


In line with the Barr Baleares vision, the Barr Design team work to rigorously high standards, using a mix of local and international trades, skill sets, materials and suppliers to provide the perfect balance of ‘Mallorquin’ and global, for each individual project. As in the UK, the project process remains straightforward and thorough. Designs are produced with strong input from the client, then executed with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption to their, often, busy lives! The team look forward to many more exciting projects on this inspirational island.

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