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10th Oct 2018

Challenging angles for an innovative organisation; an outside thinking space for Trivago

Built for the online travel company Trivago, as the breakout/relaxation space for their new Mallorca based innovation centre, Barr Baleares were delighted to put their skilled site carpenters to the test – with a unique design and some very challenging angles!

In the words of architect/designer Luis Fernandez Lao, “We were asked for ideas to transform a disused outside space to an informal meetings and relaxation area in line with the ethos of the company. An area where employees and guests could take lunch and coffee breaks and find some thinking space. The relatively compact square meterage – given the office area it served meant that every inch needed to be usable space – leaving no room for grounds planting.

Luis continues “We came up with the solution of the stepped and angled deck, offering built-in seating whilst, at the same time, expanding the space visually by giving it a 3-dimensional feel. The vertical garden idea, a take on the current green wall trend for indoor-outdoor spaces, was the perfect solution to bring in greenery without encroaching on the overall seating capacity”.

James Armstrong and the Barr Baleares team certainly had a challenge on their hands in terms of bringing Luis' design to life. “The space was tricky to access – although not yet operational the internal works to the offices had been completed and, as there was no rear access, all materials and labour had to be carefully taken through the finished space leaving it intact and clean after the external works.

James continues “As this was not a conventional deck design, the framework itself was more complicated that normal. Before the structural work started we raised the level of the entire space to give the same base floor level inside and out. As well as the stepped seating, each angled section of deck required its own concrete filled blockwork frame. Deck structures are unusually linear – but this one was made up of a series of interconnecting triangular sections. The wood clad was then installed on top."

Hand cut to Luis’ specific design and manufactured from hard wearing, low maintenance timber – the whole structure will silver naturally over time. Inset lighting makes the space equally alluring in the evening as during day. We are looking forward to seeing the space full of people and chat – in the meantime we have taken the liberty of adding a touch of life to the imagery – Barr Baleares style!


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