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6th Nov 2020

Design Collaborators - the lifeblood of our organisation.

Since its inception, the Barr Baleares team have worked with architect and design collaborators from the island, the UK and beyond. In conjunction, 2020 has seen the Barr Baleares team expand organically to include on-hand architectural, planning and interior design expertise. Whether the project has been designed in-house or by a cherished collaborator one thing remains a constant - the BB team are committed to the excellence of process and build standards which lead to the very best project outcomes.

With a client's property in our hands and a unique creative vision to deliver - each commission comes with the responsibility of bringing the project to life with integrity. Every project is different but our ambition for build excellence is always the same. Bringing knowledge and experience but also the flexibility to adapt to the individual requirements  - something we hope reflects in the individuality of our approach.

“The whole Barr Baleares team are passionate about what we do. Lots of our clients have been friends of friends or acquaintances, from the UK and Mallorca, who already know our work standards and ethos. For those that don’t - we are always privileged that they put their project in our hands and we do everything we can to repay their trust. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than a delighted client - one who we hope will remain a friend and future collaborator". - Anna Lerchegger.

"At Barr Baleares, every detail is considered - from a functional, structural, aesthetic and sustainable perspective - this is what we believe differentiates us. Everyone we have worked with has shared our passion for quality and attention to detail. Many of our clients are based overseas, requiring a full project managed service. Having Luis and Victoria on board, in conjunction with our wider designer collaborations, has really helped us to provide that”. - James Armstrong.

Proud to be part of the UK based Barr Group, Barr Baleares look forward to future exciting designer and architect collaborations.

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