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22nd Nov 2019

Meet the Team; Anna Lerchegger, Barr Baleares Company Administrator and Project Manager.

After a baptism of fire and a whirlwind first year with Barr Baleares, Anna Lerchegger has truly settled into her role and has become an integral cog in the organisational wheel. Here she tells us a bit about herself, what she loves about her job and her life on and before the island.

Could you start by telling us a little about your background?

I was born and grew up in a small village in the Dolomites, Northern Italy. I would consider myself a proper mountain girl, a bit like Maria in the ‘Sound of Music’! I was the last of four children and one of the two that escaped from the village! Set in the heart of a ski resort and surrounded by beautiful mountains, there has never been an excuse not to go hiking or skiing or being outdoors for most of my childhood. As much as I love my village and family, I’ve always been eager to travel and explore different places and cultures. In my early 20’s, I moved (first escape) to central Italy to go to university, where I studied business administration and languages. Once I graduated, I moved to London (second escape) to improve my English. Five years later my mother was still waiting for me to return from my ‘ six-month stay’! Eventually the busy and chaotic city lost its appeal and I found myself in calm and beautiful Mallorca (third escape).

Could you tell us a bit more about your love of languages?

In Val Badia, one of the five valleys around the Dolomites mountain chain, we speak Ladin, a retoromanic language. In the centuries after the integration of the Alps into the Roman Empire, the Rhaetian people inhabiting the Dolomites at that time adopted the vulgar Latin spoken by the magistrates and soldiers and it gradually evolved into the Ladin language. Although Ladin is the official language in the valley and my mother tongue, our region (South Tyrol) was part of Austria until the second world war, so German, along with Italian, are official languages as well! From kindergarten, children are taught all three, so it’s pretty easy to pick any further languages, especially the Latin ones, after that. I studied English and French in high school and at university. Spanish is still work in progress but thankfully it’s very similar to Italian. My whole family is passionate about languages and my mother, a teacher, always instilled upon us with the importance of not just learning them but using them to explore and grow. It has become a bit of a competition as to who knows the most languages. I’m currently in second place to my older sister who speaks seven!

What brought you to Mallorca and what made you want to settle there?

After five years in busy, chaotic and grey London, I was ready to move somewhere sunnier, quieter and smaller. Mallorca is a little gem and the perfect answer to all my needs. With circa 320 sunny days each year, welcoming local people, a great ex-pat community, stunning countryside and beautiful sea, as well as great food and wine. Finding a great company to work for has also added massively to the desire of settling down on the island.

Where did you work before coming to BB?

I worked for a project management company that was supplying Italian joinery and furniture to the UK market, where I was responsible for the design division. General and logistics management and procurement prepared me well for joining the Barr Baleares team!

What does a day in your life with Barr Baleares look like?

Well, what I love about it is that no one day is the same as the next. Budgeting, sourcing and procurement, logistics management and client liaison are just a few of the things which keep me busy. Barr Baleares has just moved to a great new premises and my time is split between there and site visits. I love seeing the real progress on each job every week and feeling part of a team who are all working towards a common goal … happy clients and amazing builds.

What do you think makes Barr Baleares different from other construction companies on the island?

Barr Baleares provides a high-end construction service based on British standards. What makes Barr Baleares differ from any other company is that the whole team is passionate about what we offer. Every client and project is different, but the ambition to provide a superb service is always the same. It is the high-end quality and service we can provide which attracts clients to Barr Baleares. We tend to find that the people we work for share our passion for quality and attention to detail. Many of our clients are based overseas and require a full project managed service from a company they know really cares about their build. Lots of our clients have been friends of friends – from the UK and Mallorca, who already know our work standards and ethos.

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