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22nd Nov 2019

The Party House; from faded to fabulous … just in time.

When our clients took the gamble on purchasing a run-down property just outside a rural Mallorcan village, they were unsure of exactly what they were taking on. They enlisted the help of the Barr Baleares team, who put together a plan to get the house back into working order and looking fabulous. The underlying challenge of the project was to have the renovations completed in time for a BIG party - a landmark birthday celebration which fell a mere six months from the starting pistol.

Our client, an interior designer, is no stranger to taking properties on the wonderful journey from bog-standard to utterly fabulous, both in Mallorca and back home in London. With a constantly unfolding vision for the project, our client worked alongside the Barr Baleares team, sourcing and styling. Not a single visual element was left to chance; although every detail looks as it has belonged there forever – careful thought and sourcing have gone into every finish, fixture, fitting and object within.

Balance and asymmetry are allowed to happily co-exist at the casa. Structural arches frame almost every view, taking the eye through a series of syncronised curves. The main staircase draws a perfect diagonal through the hallway ceiling arch and each doorway nudges one to look a little deeper at the lines and curves beyond. Bathrooms offer a juxta proposition of lux brass set against rustic but carefully proportioned reclaimed timber furnishings.

The villa is expertly lit by sequential lighting which draws the eye from the outside in. On the approach to the villa, large upturned clay tiles direct light shafts down each side of the large arched crittal style entrance doors and the same effect continues through the entrance hall beyond. Likewise, on the terraces, the ‘unfinished’ woven rattan shades, which cluster over dining areas, are reflected through to the living spaces within.

Walls inside and out exhibit the same natural textured bare plaster finish, washing everything in a warm blush. Windows, French doors and shutters are painted in a contrasting deep blue-grey and are picked up in textiles throughout. Large natural flagstones blend one space with the next, continuing out onto the terraces and softened with an abundance of natural cushions, jute rugs and runners, woven baskets and linens nonchalantly draped on rustic pegs.


In the kitchen, the relaxed rustic finish is, contrary to expectations, the result of very careful, detailed craftsmanship. Shelved kitchen larder and crockery storage have been concealed behind vintage shutters, with rough sawn timber doors set into concrete frames replacing conventional kitchen cabinetry. A reclaimed slatted timber table has been made to measure, fitting the space both visually and practically to perfection.


The finished Casa speaks of long summer days, drifting from lounger to shaded dining area, punctuated by the odd cool-down dip. It is hard to imagine any guest of the casa not slipping effortlessly into the relaxed Mallorcan vibe… and what a great place for a party!

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