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    9th Dec 2014

    Woodburners, more than just a look.

    A wood burner can really define a space aesthetically, offering a focal point as well as a sustainable and effective heat source. Take a look at some of our recent projects incorporating feature wood burners.  The lovely Charlotte (Lottie), who organises us all here at StuartBarrCDR, from her key post in the reception area, is a adamant that people linger to chat for much longer when the wood burner is roaring.  There is certainly more to a wood burner than just the look and the functionality…whatever its character, it makes a space feel different. 

    The Danish use a word hygge (sounds a bit like ‘hooga’) and roughly translated it means coziness.  We don’t have a word for hygge in the English language but the feeling of standing by a lit woodburner, with a hot drink and a friendly person to chat to, is a good way to explain it.

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