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Barr Baleares work hand-in-hand with real estate on the island to ensure the most efficient search and to negotiate the most competitive contract for each client.

Property search and procurement overseas can be a daunting prospect. With an in-depth knowledge of what the island has to offer and many years of experience in property search and development, the Barr Baleares team can guide clients through the process – from initial orientation on the island to property procurement guidance and post-purchase advice.

  • Orientation - including accommodation and transport arrangements as required
  • Property viewing - schedule tailored to client’s individual specification
  • Guidance on navigating Mallorca’s real estate system
  • Advice on accessing legal conveyancing services
  • Professional independent assessment of the scale of works required post purchase

If you are planning to purchase and renovate a property on the island of Mallorca, the Barr Baleares team are happy to meet with you and talk through your specific requirements.